Rail Industry Intelligence

service - Rail Industry IntelligenceAt the heart of Strategic Rail Finance’s Rail Industry Intelligence consulting is the vast amount of industry and government relationships and knowledge represented by its massive contact database built over the course of advising clients since 1994. When taking on our clients’ unique challenges we have access to this extensive network of relationships for quickly gaining comprehensive insights that inform our innovative, well-grounded solutions. SRF provides seasoned executive-level consulting for business and government leaders working on significant opportunities and/or challenges. SRF improves our clients’ position from the first conversation to the creation of a breakthrough solution to project completion.

Market Introduction

We inform your rail marketing opportunities with a deep understanding of the industry and its players. 

  • Market analysis
  • Creative marketing development
  • Regulatory process consulting
  • Relationship and network building

Business Evalution

Your business development questions are answered with the same critical eye and due diligence that SRF brings to its financing work providing accurate assessments toward solid decisions.

  • Site analysis
  • Service analysis
  • Business plan analysis
  • Comprehensive due diligence
  • Business plan development
  • Presentation development

Acquisition and Divestiture Support

We know opportunities can be fleeting so we quickly apply our comprehensive business intelligence process to help you size up and implement an individual acquisition or divestiture project or an entire strategy.

  • Acquisition profiling and identification
  • Potential buyer targeting and due diligence
  • Business plan development
  • Presentation development
  • Acquisition debt and equity raises

Rail Operations Expertise

Our combination of rail-industry experienced executives and financial advisors integrate the technical and commercial sides of railroading in support of your successful rail development projects.

  • Rail service design
  • Rail equipment and rolling stock sourcing and specifications
  • Transportation facility design
  • Class I, II, and III relations
  • Federal, state, and local government relations
  • Surface Transportation Board relations
  • Federal Railroad Administration relations